If you have recently launched an app, you might hear of a technique called App Store Optimization. Aso is a marketing tool technique that is used to improve the app’s visibility and drive your app to get more potential downloads and success. It mainly focuses on two things:

  • keyword optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization.

While ASO is a difficult subject and needs the experience to know where to start, ASO consultants can make ASO work easy to deal with. 


App store optimization consultants are the key persons who are experienced in app store optimization and have in-depth knowledge of how the app store works and how to trick them. They work with you from the early stages of developing the app and analyzing the features and understanding the app’s KPI(key performance indicators)

They go one analyzing app’s work and development, compare it with your competitor’s app, and come up with new creative ideas to make your app more efficient.

Here are a few tips inspired by top App Store Optimization consultants who worked for top category apps.

PRODUCT QUALITY: Always make your app quality number one priority. One of the most crucial tasks for App store optimization consultants is being authoritative in matters of quality of the product, app performance, and better user experience.

KEYWORD OPTIMISATION: while keywords targeting is the most important ranking factor in both the app stores, the following are the tricks to get most of it.

  • Always include relevant and core keywords in the app title. Not to forget, ios has 30 words character limit when compared to 50 terms in google play. Always make use of it to the maximum.
  • Create keyword combinations using the best keywords. The best keywords are those who have high traffic and are less complicated. If your best keywords are workout and meals, create a keyword like “workout & meal planner.”
  • Use keywords in the right places like, in the iOS app store, using keywords in the subtitle is a ranking factor, whereas, in the play store, it is a powerful field. Make use of the best keywords in the caption, description, app title, etc.
  • While performing keyword analysis, make sure to include common mistakes and typos used by the customers.
  • Avoid wasting character space in iOS because they have limited character space.

Understanding and knowing the differences in google play and iOS app stores algorithms will help you get the most while optimizing your app.

Localize your app: while there are several English-speaking countries, there are many different words that give the same meaning. At the same time, launching the app in a particular country, it is better to search and analyze the local keywords and optimize your app accordingly.

Translating your app simply misses opportunities to get downloaded.

The velocity of downloads affects the category ranking place: While the velocity of downloads of free apps will take you in a higher position in “top free apps,” the same goes with paid apps.

If your app has more downloads and a good retention rate, your app will be soon in the category list. This can be achieved with simple marketing tools in ASO and increases the exposure of your app to charts.


ASO is an ever-updating process and requires consistency to bring your app’s highest retention rate. It required patience and hard work. Having experienced app store optimization service will help you in long haul and in every manner.