Thewebsbest money earning app No More Mistakes With Earn Free Talktime

No More Mistakes With Earn Free Talktime

I’ve wanted to have a VPN app for when I need an American IP Address and to say I am pleased with this app is a major understatement. It’s really convenient and simple. Thank you for making  money earn app such a great app! Update: The bears at TB are extremely quick to respond to problems and contacted me immediately (and several times) in order to instruct me how to resolve the connection issue. They are polite, knowledgeable and dedicated. Everything works fine now, thanks to the wonderful team at TunnelBear! I have loved and been using TunnelBear for years with a premium subscription. Since that latest iOS update, I am constantly being disconnected and it won’t auto-reconnect as it used to. I am on the current TB version 3.2.2 which was supposed to fix this issue. It has not…

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Please do something to get this wonderful service back up and running properly again! Unfortunately bought a yearly subscription as I had read great reviews. It works on my iPhone that has AT& T, but I don’t get it for my iPhone. I got it for my iPad that is WiFi only so I could use my iPad on public WiFi such as hotels, coffee shops etc. The app either goes wild (on my home WiFi)  money earned apps and the switch starts going on and off every 1/2 seconds or when on a public WiFi, I just can’t do anything on my iPad: can’t check e-mails, can’t get onto ANY websites using Safari etc. I turn it off and immediately I can surf the net. I contacted support and their solution could not even be done on the iPad. Do not bother getting this if u have an iPad or PLEASE only get free one and do a long trial first!

 Updated review: The technical staff worked with me non-stop till it worked. Moreover, the update so far works well with iOS13. So far TB has worked on public WiFi and at home. Hopefully it will work next time I go to s hotel. Although I hate Android I don’t get why tunnel bear app with a Samsung phone stays connected just fine instead with iOS on an iPhone 8+ every time that I am not using the phone tunnel bear disconnects itself and when I open any app on it it doesn’t even reconnect automatically it just stays like that, disconnected. If I connect it boom! Once again the vicious circle starts, it’s just the same every-time I have not my iPhone on my hands 🙁 overnight is the most clear example, I put the phone down and when I get it back in the morning I see that it was totally unprotected -connected to the WiFi but not with the vpn active. :((((

As advertised easy to try no cost version! Many “free” trials want your C.C. And are so limited it is not a trial. I tried a few & Tunnel Bear’s IP worked where other VPN’s IP were blocked by my finance app. We cruise by sailboat to some very remote international places that have IPs that are generally blocked by all our financial apps. Finance apps seem to get savvy and block suspect VPN IPs as well. Tunnel Bear just works all the time, I hope they can keep their IPs “clean” and unblocked!