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Magical tricks to attract gaming users on android apps

How are you doing fellow developers? Today we are back with another article on apps and how they work. App market as you all know is a very competitive place and yet rewarding at the same time. There are so much opportunities as well as challenges waiting for you in the app market. Facing every challenge is important else you cannot become the best app developer in the market. For with every challenge, comes an opportunity to enhance your app and to become better in your business. 

The App Market: Overview

Many of you know that the app market is crowded with apps. But with how much? Well, a survey in 2017 puts the number of apps in the iOS Store to be 1.3 millions and in the Play Store to be around 3 million. This is a huge quantity and it speaks of the competition there is for the developers. This market is dominated by few companies which have relatively huge number of app installs and high ratings. All this is due to the huge user base that these companies have developed over the years. When a new developer launches a new app in the app store or the Play Store, the app has to face a very stiff competition and that too without much support and following. A new app developer has to work very hard to develop an user base and to ensure that the app performs well. The app performance here is the result of many different parameters. These parameters effect the way people perceive your app and also decided whether your app is a success or yet another disaster. 

The Factors?

There are three main keys that decide your app’s performance. These are App Installs,  buy app Ratings and App Reviews. The later two are important on their own but the one that counts for majority of the contribution is the App installs. These factors remain the same whatever your app is. But for today’s article, let us focus on Gaming Apps and the magical tricks that you can use to attract gaming users.

Let’s have a look into the stats of few gaming apps and what tricks you can use to attract users for your gaming apps. 


  • Rewards: Yes, this is the universal formula for anything that you want to sell. If you want customers to use it, the best way to make it happen is by rewarding your customers. When you are working on  marketing strategy for you gaming app, make sure that you keep some place for rewards. A small investment in rewards and help you earn huge. Let me explain. Suppose, you launch a Cricket game and you want users to install your app, then the most effective way you can do that is by putting rewards. Reward your user for installing your app and also for the number of hours they spent on your app. The rewards can be anything ranging from bonus stages, bonus weapon, discount coupons or even cash rewards. 
  • A Killer Video: The best way to attract gaming community and in fact the strongest card in advertising world is by using a video. An exceptionally good video can do the work for you and can give you the users you always wanted. Add some demolishing game play content from your gaming app and include power-up stages and boss fights. By adding exclusive  content, you persuade the gaming community to install your app and check it out while you earn good user base and an even better profit. 
  • Referrals: Award your users for referring the game to a friend. The advantage is double fold. You get more users and your app install and rating rises. Reward your users by giving them access to exclusive content and upgraded items. This keeps the temptation on and helps you grow your user community. And you get happy users too. So cheers.
  • Good App Page: A good app page can do miracles for you. When people search for the app, they look for the screenshots of the gaming app and even read the plot to gain familiarity with your app. This first impression should not be wasted at any costs. To ensure that this does not happen, you need to make the app page as alluring as you can. Add good quality screenshots and invest in a good quality content for your game bio and description. This way you can tempt and grab the attention of your buy app users

These are some of the magical tricks that you can follow to attract users for your gaming app. There are many more too and it is extremely important that you experiment with every idea that you get. The App Market is an unpredictable place and the only thing that can help you is your creativity and therefore be prepared to use any of the techniques that you think will be an impactful one. Don’t be afraid of taking risks and be open to any new ideas that you get. Happy coding.