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How To Keep Your Information Safe From Physical Threats

In an advanced and interconnected world, where people reside in digital realms most of the time, it becomes increasingly essential to introduce security features that keep everyone’s data safe. While phones and other electronic gadgets have several built-in features to protect user’s data, they are often ill-equipped to combat the emerging threats that may not arrive digitally. In other words, built-in features may not have all the features to protect users’ data in instances of theft, device damage, or loss.

However, that doesn’t mean that we are devoid of a solution. The solution lies in security apps. Security apps are made with the vision to safeguard users from emerging threats that span well beyond viruses, malware, and other digital perils. Let’s look at some of the features offered by these apps and how they help users keep their information safe.

1. Device detector or locator: Imagine a situation where you’re heading home from a concert in a cab. You arrive at your place feeling too tired to realize you don’t have your phone. Imagine the chaos and panic that would build up in your head the next morning after you realize your phone is lost. It is in situations like this that it becomes clear why it’s essential to have security apps installed on your device. 

If a security app is installed on the lost phone and connected to another device at home, you can remotely control the phone and lock it to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, you would be able to locate where your phone is in real-time so that you can retrieve it. In such a situation, not only will a security app help you locate your lost device, but it will also save you from spending money on a new device, all while saving you from the stress of worrying about your information getting into the hands of unauthorized individuals.

2. Location tracker: For parents concerned about their children’s safety, a security app can play a pivotal role in ensuring their child is safe even when they’re separated due to geographical barriers. If a security app is installed on the child’s phone, the parent can easily get their location on their device using family locator.

Moreover, at times, when you’re traveling solo through a place that is generally not considered safe for solo travelers, a security app would allow you to share your location with your family or loved ones, allowing them to come to your rescue. Having a security app on your phone will provide you peace of mind through features like find my friends, knowing that you’re safe and in proximity to the ones who care about you, no matter where you are. 

3. App locks: When a phone is lost or stolen, you might want to do more than just lock your phone. When this is the use case, the app lock function of security apps comes into play. You can choose which apps to lock with an additional security barrier, such as a pin, pattern, or passcode. It would ensure that even if an unauthorized entity gains access to your phone and unlocks it, they won’t be able to access and misuse your personal information. 
To conclude, security apps are pivotal in safeguarding an individual’s information from loss, theft, or other physical damage. With features such as app lock, device locator, antitheft and location tracker, security apps provide individuals with all the necessary features to keep themselves and their data safe.