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Few Situations Wherein A Personal Loan Can Act As A Savior

A personal loan is an unsecured type of loan that a bank or non-banking financial institution gives out. It is known to be ‘’unsecured’’ since, unlike a car or any other form of loan, you are not needed to pledge any of your assets or resources in the form of collateral. The absence of collateral also makes a personal loan a perfect solution for obtaining funding during times of need or urgency. 

The main question is, when should you apply for a personal loan? Stated below are some key situations wherein applying for a personal loan through an  online loan app will be your financial savior. 

Medical contingencies can take an adverse toll on your funds. If you already have medical insurance, it may or may not cover your expenses. This is when an instant loan comes into the picture, wherein money gets disbursed quickly, and a personal loan is a hassle-free way to get funds. It does not come with monetary stress, which can use your savings to cater to large medical expenses. 

Marriages are a pretty giant affair, especially in a country like India. You might have dreamt of an ideal wedding; however, to make this dream come true, you require a sufficient amount of money well in place. So, regardless of whether you require finances to take care of the catering, the overall decoration, or even your trousseau shopping, an instant loan app can be handy. 

Also, shifting to a new home can be an exciting yet daunting thing to do. You may be moving due to your job or any other personal reasons. Moving to a new place can be stressful and heavy on your pockets. In such a case, applying for a personal loan via a loan app can be of great help, and it makes sense since it can easily take care of any urgent expenses that might come up because of your move. 

Who does not love to travel to new places? However, because of certain financial restrictions, it may not be possible to take as many trips as you desire, particularly during times when you have not planned things. 

An unplanned vacation can sometimes be inevitable, so how do you tackle this situation? The answer is fairly simple – apply for an instant loan via a loan app like pocketly, which gets disbursed in your account in just a few hours and with negligible paperwork and other documentation, you can go for your upcoming holiday with much ease and in a hassle-free way. 

It can be challenging to stay tuned with the speed at which technological advancements are taking place in recent times. Daily, new smartphones and other electronic devices are getting launched to make our lives easier, and the best part is you do not have to fret over your bank balance to stay tuned with such advancements. Just apply for a personal loan and let it address these needs. 


Regardless of the purpose for which you need the loan, taking a loan from an instant loan app during times of need is simple, along with prompt disbursal. The benefits of doing so are many and can be opted for anytime, anywhere, with flexible repayment terms.