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Description of Upvotes on Quora

People share experiences, information, events in their lives, anecdotes, stories, knowledge, whataboutery, etc on Quora. If you are in your teens, there is your group of friends, a group which is common on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc, and you are a part of the cyber group. An upvote on Quora is most of the time away from appreciation from a total stranger, who likes your post for its own sake and not for who you are. It is also a public act, visible to the entire world and thus it represents a way bolder statement Here there is an unwritten rule that a friend’s post will be upvoted. This is peer pressure which causes the upvote. An upvote on Quora means that you have liked/accepted/thanked the author. It is a brownie point for the author. When we upvote an answer, we are doing two things: We are telling Quora, “this is quality content, you ought to show it to more people.” Upvotes tell the software to extend the distribution. We are telling the author, “well done. This is quality content.



To be precise, Upvotes on Quora shows that your answer has drawn a certain amount of attention among Quorans. In some cases, the reader would have genuinely read the answer and upvoted it because he/she would have liked the answer or the answer could be something that they can easily relate to. In some other cases, it could be blindly following the crowd. Answers which already have a higher number of upvotes is likely to draw more attention which in most cases gets upvoted even without some people bothering to have a read The upvote on Quora is to show an appreciation of the topic well written. It doesn’t matter if they are facts or opinions. The amount of time the writer put into it deserves some acclamation. Whenever an answer is upvoted on quora, it put a smile on users face because it was something new to learn and contemplate. Upvote on quora is a sign for support, encourage and boost the enthusiasm of writers to write and contribute more. The upvote option in Quora is the value you get for spending your time to write on Quora. For faster development, you can buy Quora upvotes from certain sites.